Ok, so things have got a little out of hand.

The joint statement from Sonic and Jason trading as SP3 has been removed from the internet on Gerald Palmers request.
The statement was an appeal to SP3 fans asking them not to purchase the SP3 records recently released by Gerald Palmer.

We have achieved unity between all SP3 members and gained the support of our fan base. Gerald has been asked to participate in a mediation process to address the concerns we have, so far he has failed to capitulate.

I did advise Gerald that due to the nature of public media there would be emphatic support from SP3 fans and there was a strong possibility that he would become another ‘Cecil the lion killer.’ I encouraged him to offer a gesture of benevolence at a time when I believed there was a window of opportunity for Gerald to renew relationships and to restore confidence.

This advice was never heeded and as a consequence my warning has become a reality.
So just for the record I would like all observers to be aware that Gerald has had the opportunity to address our concerns in a conventional way.

Gerald has said that he believes that dirty laundry, should not be aired in public. He has made public statements in defence of his position. In one statement that appeared on the SPZ forum he attempts to assert his authority but does this by attempting to denigrate his audience.
Quoting a character from a Quentin Tarantino film he calls the forum users ‘scamps and a sowing circle.’ Gerald never considered that the people who would read his comments are professional people and probably have responsibilities greater than his own.

A conceited approach was never going to work in this situation and in every attempt Gerald has made so far he has only dug himself deeper into the quicksand.

I am the joker in the pack, the feral idiot that runs amok in the market place and I guess that is why I have emerged as the main voice in this scenario.

Hi jacking my narrative and reusing it I take as a compliment but manipulating my commentary is less acceptable. I have never said that a SP3 reunion would become a reality, the current theme is reconciliation and that applies to all the people involved including Gerald.

This issue will continue to provide a source of interest to the people out there who appreciate the music we made and wish to support us until we can achieve an acceptable resolution.

There are certain parameters in this and Gerald still has an opportunity to nullify contention and public debate, this is not a witch hunt but an issue that has many aspects and nuances.
Gerald must realise that there is no pecking order in my world.
My perception of him is that he is a parasite and a thief and I will never tire of reminding people of these facts.

As Sonic’s sound filled the vast expanse of Coventry Cathedral I knew it was a special almost profound moment, surrounded by a monument to the human spirit, in this iconic structure that represents rebirth and regeneration Sonic made music that seemed to me perfectly at home within this environment dedicated to religious devotion, he is no longer walking with Jesus, he is sitting on his sofa.


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