There is a man who could receive the Wile E Coyote award for human achievement.
His name is Mad Mike Hughes, the only man to design and build his own rocket with which he intends to use to ascend to a great altitude for the purpose of gaining evidence that the world is flat.

I am new to this flat earth theory, I always thought the earth is round, you know like the moon and the rest of the planets. I was curious so I did some research, 30 seconds of You tube was enough.
Mike thinks the world is like an inverted Frisbee and regards Nasa as a bunch of round earther freemasons.

Mad Mike seems to be following in the footsteps of Evel Kenievel, a man who could be described as one of the greatest assholes that ever rode a motorcycle.

Evel was a malignant nasty man who’s stupidity made him famous.
In 1973 Evel attempted to jump the Snake River Canyon in a rocket called a skycycle although it had no wheels. It was chaos as feral drunken mobs turned the event into a shambles.

Evel was shitting bricks and thrashing journalists as he knew that his death defying feat would almost certainly end in his death.
The skycycle was powered by steam which was a shame because a highly combustible fuel would have made the event a lot more interesting.

I wrote ‘Darkdaze,’ the story of The Darkside some years ago, which along with a vast amount of writing got lost when my laptop hard drive expired but I hope to recover the work in the future , in the meantime I decided to re write it.

I have no intention of denigrating people or subverting the truth, it is accurate and honest, the account covers the time period from the early 1980’s till the early 1990’s a decade when we grew up in a small midlands town, a town that despite it’s physical size was dynamic and vibrant, but also
dangerous and suffocating.

Drugs consumed people and people consumed people, ego’s, jealousy, home grown rock and roll fantasies, dole life, mistakes, highs, lows and heavenly blows, to quote Sonic, a very apt statement.

We can only look back and remember the past, wearing a pair of rose tinted glasses I can see the good things, the flashes of inspiration that lit up our lives like rescue flares in a barren ocean, take the glasses off and I can see the demons that stalked us and drove us mad.

‘Darkdaze,’ will be self published, limited in number and available at some point in the future.


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