Hello people.

Forgive me for I have sinned and I must repent.

I have been accused of airing dirty laundry in public, of bulling , of making ill informed comments, and more.

So I must make a sincere apology to those who have seen their soiled undergarments exposed to public scrutiny and to those who feel they have been bullied and to those who object to my interpretation of certain issues.

I have decided to remove all the offending material from my blog.
Material which was designed to enlighten people and also to entertain.
I have always offered a right to reply but no one seemed to take up this offer.

So I am doing this as a gesture of appeasement, to help deflate the unhealthy
atmosphere that has evolved around the commercial exploitation of Spacemen 3 and the individuals involved.

Once this self censorship has been carried out I hope the parties that were most offended will now be at peace.

As for future statements and reportage, I will continue to exercise my right to free speech, I say what the fuck I like and that is all there is to my blog, if I am up, down or sideways, my blog is a cathartic thing. I will strive to stay within what I regard as acceptable parameters. I will continue to comment on matters that are of public interest.

I appreciate the support and feedback I have received during the time I have had this blog going, currently I have been putting a lot of effort into book writing.
It’s a new thing for me which takes a lot of time and patience but like any artistic venture I do it comes from the heart.

Random blogs will be appearing when I get round to finishing them.

Bassman May 2018.


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