The last of the bargain bin Spacemen

Written in response to interest in my public performances. For the past decades I have existed as a live musician solely on the goodwill of other people. Thanks to the Italian band Mirabilia I was able to tour Italy, thanks to Gustaf and Mathias of Hoga Nord I was able to play a show in […]


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My blog spot is suffering from dereliction I know, as I have explained previously book writing is taking up a lot of time, I am regularly asked when ‘Sick Notes’ is going to be available and I have to be honest, it is all about economics. I previously reported the loss of my ability to […]

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crawling back to happiness

Hello people, Yes it has been sometime, my blog has never been so sporadic, the atmosphere during the pandemic has not been conducive to the kind of things I like writing about, everything seemed on it’s head. Blogging was an experiment of sorts, but like all experiments it can go wrong. I provided entertainment but […]

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Spotify Spacemen 3 Biog

Stephen Thomas Erlewine is an American music critic/writer who wrote the biography for The Spacemen 3 collection of music that has been shovelled into the digital black hole Spotify by our much loved ex manager Gerald Palmer. I have asked Stephen to make some minor amendments which as I write he has not done. So […]

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The invisible format

It may sound like I have a downer on vinyl records, I don’t really, I have lots of them secreted in various places,I find records that I forgot I had like a pile of Tangerine Dream albums that I purchased from car boot sales two decades ago. I still enjoy records but I do not […]

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Well who saw this coming, there is not a lot to say about the situation, nothing that could be made into entertainment. Already the behaviour of a lot of people has been vile, when all law and order breaks down we will be fighting like dogs. Outside my front door was a bag containing two […]

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Happy New Year to everyone, thanks for the support I really appreciate it. My New Year resolution is not to make any resolutions. I recently discovered I was on my daily dog walk walking past the grave of Goff Roderick, Goff has appeared in the blog, he was one of the 3 unwise men, one […]

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Established in 1950 by Jeffery Bernhard OBE , the Bernard’s group offer a strategic mix of businesses in Rugby. I met Stephen Bernhard and his wife Jenny last year . It was an odd meeting , we had our eye on a broken down building in the town centre that they own which we hoped […]



Just recovered from a brain rearranging virus which put me on my back for three days, I got through it by watching UFC fights and pointless  Youtube clips of motoring altercations, I think it helped to stimulate my defence  mechanisms to the evil virus that was beating me up from the inside. Now  I know […]



Hands  up anyone who has signed a recording or publishing contract and fully understood the content or the terminology.                                                                           […]