The people who first established a drug trade in Rugby are long gone, they were inspired by the times. They grew up in a country scarred by war and tied down by archaic values and attitudes, the 1960’s may not have been swinging in Rugby but a small minority were committed to try and get […]

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I was at a point in my life when I had no idea what the plot was, a brief short stumble, a sudden bout of uncertainty, it was the kind of void that I could have easily filled with drink, drugs, deviant activity , instead I found something that would provide a brief distraction from […]

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Dear Nige, We last met at your Grandmothers house over two decades ago, you asked me why I was driving a Golf and not riding a Harley Davidson, a good question and in retrospect I guess I should have been riding something, a Triumph Bonneville perhaps. I was in full time musician mode at that […]



We had all left school, country boy’s let loose in the world, we fluttered about like moths, drawn to the bright lights, we were young, na├»ve and yet to be polluted by the vagaries of life. Nigel’s letter is a document which I believe is worth sharing, primarily for the detail it provides about the […]

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Could anyone make this shit up? it’s like a HBO serial, I think the current allegations provided by our man in the UK and the response by The Don is going to be one of the defining moments in his tenancy as US president, that’s if he makes it. The beige buffalo made a stanch […]

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The Queen may call it an ‘Annus Horriblis,’ which roughly translates to a shit year. Outstanding contributors to this 12 month misery fest have been Donald Trump, Putin, Assad , dogs of war, Nigel Farage , Brexit and a slew of celebrity deaths. My quote of the year is ‘Let us not become strangers to […]

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The death of Rock and Roll.

You know I really felt for Patti when she fucked up her rendition of ‘A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall,’ at the Nobel peace prize. I had been there before, not in front of a Nobel Peace Prize ceremony but I certainly have blanked out during a show. Why? most of the times it is because […]

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